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    Was fine until 2 hours ago, all mail I tried to send end up sitting in the Outbox and never was sent. Anyone else having this problem?
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    I will make the assumption that you're service provider is Cingular.
    The problem is that Cingular uses NAT for all of the GPRS devices on their network. That means that all Cingular customers share the same real world IP address and internally on the Cingular network you have a NAT IP address. If you have no idea what I mean, it's the same exact thing as using a router on your cable or DSL modem at home where you have 1 IP from the ISP and all of your internal IPs use NAT to share the real IP.

    This is not in itself a problem.
    The problem is that appearently has a security measure in place to limit how many MB of data can be sent from any 1 IP address in a given day. This is probabally to prevent spammers from abusing their system.
    As a result, ALL CINGULAR wireless customers appear to be coming from the same IP address.

    The only reason I figured this out is because I use snapper mail. Snapper mail included the error message in the log that came from Yahoo:
    "Data command failed: 521. closing transmission channel. Remote IP is over the limit for messages allowed to be sent in a single day."

    Here's my post on that issue.

    The work around is to change your outgoing mail server either to another ISP, or use Cingular's mail server.
    The Cingular SMTP (outgoing) mail server is:
    There is NO user name or password, so leave those blank.

    If you have signed up for Cingular MyWirelessWindow, they have given you an email address which is
    If you want to set up the mail application to retrieve mail from this box, the POP mail server address is:
    User Name: (ie. you email address)
    Password: (your mywireless window password)

    The only catch to using is that it only works on the Cingular network. So if you ever did something like connect your Treo to the internet by some means other than GPRS such as using softickPPP, a modem, or wifi (if it ever comes into existence) you will not be able to send mail through that broadband connection as you could with yahoo.

    I hope this helps.

    The ultimate solution would be to get Yahoo to fix this issue. I intend to ATTEMPT to get them to listen to this problem, but Yahoo is not easy to get in touch with.

    I switched from AT&T wireless to Cingular. AT&T does not use NAT so I was in for a surprise when I met with this problem.
    FYI. Also due to to the NAT issue, you will not be able to use a VPN client that connects using PPTP. A VPN using IPSec will work as long as the VPN server is configured to allow "PSec over NAT"
    If you don't ever intend to use VPN, don't worry about it.

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    Well I sent yahoo feedback a message asking them to fix this issue, we'll see if there's anyone on the other end of this e-mail address. Big enormous Kudos if they do.
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    taylorh, I'm on Sprint. Called Tier II tech support, had Vision password reset and magically I can send e-mail again.

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