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    Can a few of you SnapperMail users help me justify the reasons/benefits that SnapperMail offers over the regular email client bundled with the Treo? Reading the Snapper site... I don't see much that the PalmOne email client won't do.

    Help me please...
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    Archiving to SD card
    unlimited accounts

    IMAP alone makes it worthwile for me. I also like the interface. I wish it would check in the background like the default app. Search around and you'll find all sorts of pros and cons.
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    You don't have a file that grows and grows and grows until there is no more memory left on the Treo. Sure you can delete this file from the OE client, but you loose your account and have to redo it and it gets old after the first 6 months, even more so if you send big files like me.
    Just my 2-cents

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