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    A few months back I read that Palm signed an agreement that would, in my understanding, allow a Palm to work on the Blackberry network.

    Did I mis-understand and does anyone know what the status is?

    Dennis G. Esler
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    Dennis G. Esler
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    Dennis G. Esler
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    PalmSource signed the agreement. PalmSource develops the operating system used in PalmOne's devices. If and when PalmSource incorportates the support in a version of their OS and PalmOne starts using that OS in some devices, then this functionality will be available on those devices.
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    If you're looking for Blackberry-type support, take a look at GoodLink. It already has support for the T600 and has very similar services.

    Good luck,
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    Caveat: GoodLink is meant for corporate users, not for personal use. That having been said...

    I've used GoodLink to link my Treo600 to a Microsoft Exchange server to provide real-time two-way synchronization between my phone and Outlook in my last two companies (about seven months of use). If you've got IT support and some old server that you can dedicate to it at work, it can't be beat. You'll be sitting at your desk and your phone will go "Pong!" and your PC will go "Beep" in quick succession as the email arrives at each. This is fundamentally different than POP3 or other polling methods. If you're thinking "I don't mind having to ask my phone to fetch email" or "Every X minutes is okay with me," then that's like saying that a VCR is just as good as a TiVo, since they both record. GoodLink is the TiVo of the Treo600 world.

    Side note: One GoodLink server supports not only a group of Treos but Blackberrys as well, and can work with all/all major cellular providers -- now that Verizon has launched.

    My two cents worth.

    -- John
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    Samsung will bundle the PalmOS BB Connect Client with the i550 smartphone later this year. It is uncertain whether P1 will also bundle it with the Ace, but I would gather is should be available as a third party download from Sprint at least...
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