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    I'm using Mobile DB v4.1.3 and it doesn't seem to integrate well. I regularly lose date as I enter it due to inadvertently pressing the navigator, the navigator doesn't seem to help in going from field to filed as it does in other apps, etc. In short, it seems a bit klunky compared to the other apps that are nicely integrated into the system (LauncherX, DateBook5, TimeTraveller, etc).

    I'd also like closer integration with the existing databases on the unit, like Addresses/Contacts, Calender, etc, if a Database exists that offers this.

    The main use is for client/job tracking, I plot in each contact made or job ordered, with names, addresses, telephone, email, price offered, accepted/approved, invoice sent/paid, etc etc.

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    HanDBase offers "plug-ins" that interact with various utilities. They also have a user-generated software gallery that has many different applets. There just might be something close to what you are writing of. Ben

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