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    traveled through newark and pittsburgh airports this past weekend and i can tell you all that the treo 600 is getting excellent representation and advertisement!
    major treo 600 displays at baggage claim areas as you arrive from the flight. along the hallways are treo 600 and goodlink demonstration announcements - announcing how instant web access, email and business contact w/ calendaring can be acheived with the treo 600 + goodlink combination.
    palmone stores are now in major airports though i didnt get a chance to stop in for a look around. this is the coverage that handspring so sorely needed while it was struggling with the treo 300. now its here, and should dramatically help palmone sales and treo business!
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    There was an article about this in the Wall Street Journal a few weeks ago...Palmone is spending millions on an airport-based ad campaign to educate business travelers that they don't need to lug their laptops around if they have a Treo

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