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    Doesn't seem to get mail from a address (which is set up to function as a POP server, among other). It mistakenly connects to another POP server configured for one of my other email accounts. I had two configured, both worked fine, and when I added the third today the problem started.

    Is Mail simply confused? Does it not allow URLs as POP servers? Is there a bug that doesn't allow more than 2 email accounts?

    Also, I'm intersted in what other users recommend as a best email app for the Treo 600.


    (p.s. finally got my replacement T600, headphone jack works! Only took 7.5 weeks...)
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    Are you manually receiving the mail or do you have it set up to receive automatically?

    If you manually click "send and receive" then it will connect to the mail account you are currently viewing.

    you can change to the other account by clicking menu then view and towards the bottom you will see the accounts you currently have set up.

    I hope this helps
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    I tried manually. instead of connecting to the configured POP server for that account, it tried to connect to a server configured for another account!


    [QUOTE=sxtg]Are you manually receiving the mail or do you have it set up to receive automatically?

    If you manualž
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    You could try deleting all accounts and then setting up the org account. If it works then set up the others one at a time. Sorry I dont have better advice.

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    I tried out the built in Mail on Treo 600, after using SnapperMail for a while. When I added an account, I put the wrong user ID in at first. When I tried to change it, it acted like it kept using the first ID. So I finally deleted the account and re-added it with the correct user ID. That finally worked.

    Then I turned on automatically retrieving mail. That seemed to work OK. But it isn't a very good mail program in general so I decided to go back to using SnapperMail. The only thing I do like about built in Mail is that it retrieves in the background, whereas SnapperMail always has to turn on the screen even in automatic mode.

    The interesting thing was that when I turned off automatically retrieving mail in the built in Mail program, it kept on retrieving it. That program is not right. I finally got it to stop after resetting the Treo 600 (At least that is what I think did it. How should I know what it was up to?)

    Anyway, not that this is too helpful, but I would definitely try removing the account and adding it back if you have any login weirdness and have made account changes.

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    Hi Sxgt,

    I tried deleting one of the other accounts (the one that got contacted incorrectly when I checked mail) and then reentering it, now everything "just works". And I found out about auto-fetching email in the process - neat!

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    Glad it helped

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