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    I have a gsm version of the T600 and use it with T-Mobile. However, coverage for phone service is spotty at best in my area (NE Ohio) and I know that VZ has great coverage.

    That said, I may want to sell my GSM T600 to then get the VZ version. However, I have no idea if my T600 is "locked" and am not even sure what that means.

    How can I check this so that if I do sell this thing...I don't steer any potential buyers wrong.

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    Who's your service provider? Do you have any friends with a GSM phone by another provider where you can test their SIM in your phone. In most cases, it is probably locked and using a SIM card from another provider is the best way to tell.
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    Service is with T-Mobile and when I log into the network it indicates same.

    However, I bought the phone straight from handspring (palmOne) at the time they were offering discounted upgrades from my previous Treo 270.

    Does this help any?

    Is there any way to check this without having another SIM lying around? (BTW, is there a difference between SIMS for GSM vs. CDMA etc....Can you tell I am not much of a techie when it comes to this stuff)
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    Your phone will not work on Verizon. CDMA and GSM phone are different internally and are not compatable.

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    I knew that...its different radio technology/frequencies etc. I had to wait a long time for the GSM version to arrive...and then even longer for T-Mobile to get up and running. A depending upon what I am able to learn from the those looking at VZ, I may try to jump ship to them....although the data plan costs are agonizing.
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    Which brings me back to my original query....How do I know if my device is locked? Do I need to find someone with an AT&T or Cingular SIM and slip it in to see if it logs into their respective networks, or is there an easier way?

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    I don't have T-Mobile, but I would bet that it's locked. You can probably call T-mobile and find out or have them unlock it if you meet the criteria listed in the thread below:

    hope that helps, anyone else is free to correct me if I'm wrong
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    it is most likly locked to T-Mobile but if you are willing to sell, I am interested as I am on T-Mobile myself.


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