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    I've had my T600 since last October (Cingular GSM) and it has been perfectly reliable with absolutley no failures. I did the upgrade in March also with no problems. And of course I've been a follower of this board with its' tremendous value to any user. I've also been an occasional contributor. I'm also a veteran PDA user going back to the old HP II unit and progressing through almost every Palm PDA, including the T180 and T270, as well as a Kyocera 6035 and 7135. In my judgement, the T600 is absolutely the best of the lot. I have had occasion to use it all over the U.S. and in Western Europe since last October, and it has never failed to perform as designed.

    I have found that there is a fair amount of noise and misinformation on the board, not just from the ever present flamers, but problems posted and answers given which oftentimes are incorrect or confusing. And the confusion results, in many cases, from the fact that the problems or questions posed relate to, say a Sprint (CDMA) phone, while many of the answers reference a GSM phone or application. Many of the operations and applications are dramatically different between the two phones and the problems tend to be different also. My sense is that the CDMA phone is inherently more problem prone than the GSM phone but please don't anyone start a flame war on this one. It's only my sense, having been on this board since late last year and observing that there are more Sprint phone related operational problems than GSM phone problems. At least when people specify one or the other, which is not always the case. And please note that I am talking about operational problems, not hardware problems, as both phones seem to be equally (un)reliable in this area. My phone excepted.

    So my modest suggestion is that the T600 Hardware section be subdivided into a GSM section and CDMA section. This may be particularly appropriate now with the imminent introduction of the Verizon (CDMA) phone this week. By subdividing this section, it may be possible for users to isolate a problem and resultant solution faster than is presently the case.

    If it is not practical for some reason to subdivide, then I would urge everyone who posts, to specify whether his/her phone is GSM or CDMA. I think that this would go a long way toward optimizing the board discussions. And yes, I know that there is already a GSM and CDMA section, but those are oriented more toward carrier related discussions, rather than software or operational problems.

    Warren Wood
    Carmel Valley, CA
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    There may well be a Sprint vs GSM world difference. I think at the very least it would be easy to add your brand and start date to your signature as a start.
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    I guess I would disagree. I think there are FAR more similarities than differences between the CDMA and GSM versions of the Treo. The vast majority of software runs the same on both. Also, I think that splitting the forum into 2 sections might just confuse noobies, who may not necessarily know the difference.
    I do think that specifying which Treo you have IS a good idea, however, and should alleviate the few discrepencies that do come up.
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    You are right. There are far more similarities than differences between the two units. But it appears to me that it is the relatively few differences that cause most of the problems in one and not the other. For example, I understand that the Sprint phone was originally delivered without a satisfactory e-mail application, but which was built in to the GSM phone version. I recall many threads devoted to this issue alone. Also the way in which data connections are made is different. There are numerous other differences, but you are right to say that there are far more similarities.

    Bottom line, I agree that we should all specify which version of phone we have when posting questions. The answers and solutions would be much better focused as a result.

    Warren Wood
    Carmel Valley, CA
    Cingular GSM T600
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    I think there are more cdma "problems" because there are probably more cdma phones. Sprint had a good headstart. I agree people should post their type of service to keep it simple.
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