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    Ok, I've had my Treo 300 for a while now, working ok - a couple of quirks I wanted to ask about.

    Question 1 -

    Pushing the phone button 4 times used to bring me to the Recent Calls list - pushing it 5 times brought me back to the opening page. NOW, pushing it 4 times beams a category. How did this happen? How can I stop this?

    Question 2 -

    Is there a way to make an underscore using the "blue" key and something else? What's the best way to do this?

    Question 3 -

    Can I do shortcuts ('br' for "breakfast") with the keyboard?

    Question 4 -

    I'm using Beyond Contacts for everything work related (sync w/Outlook), and the normal Palm Address book and Calendar for personal (synced w/Yahoo Mail). What can I use (that's free) to back EVERYTHING up at once? (No expansion card is making me feel left out.)

    Question 5- (last one I promise)

    Has anyone ever found a non-geeky holster clip that fits the way a blackberry does? (Screen protected). I would probably pay up to $20 for one.

    Thanks everyone, in advance -

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