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    So here's one for folks. I have the Bellagio flip case for my T600 and I like it a lot (tried several others and finally settled on this). One feature I particularly like is that the back flap, which has a SD holder in it, can be used as a stand, so I can prop up the device when it is sitting on a table. I just ordered the same case for my wife, and the back flap has no body to it, so the stand function is isn't there; the device just falls flat. I asked Bellagio about this, and here is their answer:

    '"The Treo case is not sold as the flap being a stand. It is shown in the
    picture with the back part standing out, so that potential customers can see
    that the case is able to slide onto the charger without any obstructions."

    What have folks' experience been? Did I just luck out in improvising on my case, or are giving me some BS?

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    I can send you pictures of how it can be done.

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