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    Okay, I'm about to break down and finally get a 600 (especially since I have good 300's lid hinge snapped, and I hate walking around with a rubber band holding the lid on! ), but I'm still debating between AT&T and VZW. Any suggestions?

    - I live in NYC (so coverage isn't THAT big of an issue)
    - they both work upstate where I ski regularly (that's important, I need to be reached in an emergency...I work at a hospital)
    - I travel infrequently (Toronto is my #1 destination)

    So given all I wait a few more days for VZW to release the 600 to the public, or should I just get one from AT&T? (My hospital has agreements with both, so I'll get some sort of discount on the plans...that doesn't factor in.) TIA for any input you may have...
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    I have noticed that on top of many ski mountains (Hunter, for one), analog is the only technology available. I don't think the Treo has an analog radio. My trusty little startac used to reach EVERYWHERE on VZW. I used to go skiing with guys whose Nextels and sprints where worthless while I was still in touch with the world.

    Aside from issues with network coverage, I went with Sprint because:

    The coverage is decent in most areas where I roam
    The "fair and flexible" plan is awesome
    UNLIMITED Internet access for $15/month (I use the Internet a lot)

    I do miss VZ's coverage. Here in the Northeast USA, they have the best network when it comes to getting a good signal... and keeping it.

    BTW: If being in touch is that important, consider getting the treo butler app. It has a "be totally obnoxious about getting my attention" mode when you have alerts, voicemail, missed calls and/or SMS messages. It costs some small change but there's no free app that does it this well. The author is actually gracious enough to let you use it for a long time with nag screens but no expiration. I still haven't purchased it myself however I recently disabled it and found that I missed it. So now I will give credit where due and pony up the lousy $6.50 or whatever he charges.
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    Another potential advantage to Sprint is that for $5/mo. (Free and Clear America option) you can use up to 50% of your minutes roaming on Verizon. This gives you most of the best of both Sprint and Verizon -- Sprint's superior data plans (though data are only available in areas with Sprint coverage, which seem to be more widespread and faster, and are certainly cheaper, than Verizon data coverage) and Verizon's superior voice coverage in areas where Sprint's voice coverage is marginal or nonexistent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CojonesDeToro
    I have noticed that on top of many ski mountains (Hunter, for one), analog is the only technology available. I don't think the Treo has an analog radio.
    Hmmmm, okay. I did notice on the VZW website that the area near Belleayre is under their coverage plan (I punched in the ZIP code, and it didn't come back saying that wasn't a covered area), so I'd assume they have CMDA coverage there.

    What to do, what to do, what to do...
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    If this is any help, you can try the AT&T Treo for 30 days and return it if you decide you don't like it. You only pay for whatever service you used during the trial period.

    At Verizon, you can try it for 15 days.

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