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    I am ready to purchase a new SD card and have been researching the issue. The only question that I still have is, does the Treo 600 really require the faster speed SD cards (Ultra, x45, etc.)? I understand how useful this technology is with digital cameras and large transfer of files, but I canít imagine that the Treo 600 has such a need normally. Am I wrong? How about MP3 files played on the Treo 600? Would a faster card mean that much?

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    I'm not sure what the benefits are.... my MP3's and MMPlayer videos play fine with a Sandisk 512Mb card (non-Ultra), so I'm not sure what an Ultra would be able to do that this card wouldn't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeigh
    I am ready to purchase a new SD card and have been researching the issue.
    A fast SD card is not mandatory but you might feel it's worth the extra $ after you have had a slow one for some time. I believe you can record voice to a fast card but real time video is still questionable. Backups are a lot faster as well as transferring individual pictures/recordings. Remeber that the phone is basically unusable while an app is transferring stuff to the card.

    I have a really slow Sandisk card so TIFWIW. I will be buying a 512 Sandisk Ultra II in the not-too-distant future but I'm waiting for prices to come down a little. In the meantime, I get by with my slow 256MB card and tolerate the minor annoyances.

    EDIT: I have a really slow card (according to benchmarks) and I can play most MP3s fine. The "slowness" is usually manifested most in write speed. Most cards will have a decent read speed. Though, I still can't play video captured to main memory with movierec.
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    I am a private practice physician and do a great deal of dictation. I recently started using Audacity Professional for doing my dictation and it works great. The only problem is that my SD card (SanDisk 1GB) is too slow. Even on the slowest setting of 8kbps, the dication gets choppy. Audacity's Recorder is so simple and easy to use, I am going to upgrade to fast card, probably a SanDisk Ultra II 512MB SD card.

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    I dont think the speed of the card is going to change.
    The SD card is extremly fast, i think it's the Treo600 that has a slow data transfer.
    I have a regular SD 512 Megs and through USB 2.0 card reader I get amazing speeds but throught the palm the speeds are horrible slow even just transfering a meg or 2 from SD to main memory.
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    From what I have read, these speed ratings are just a bunch of marketing claims and have no relationship to reality. But do a google search and see for yourself. I haven't researched it in a while.
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    I just purchased a 512m Ultra for $150. When it gets here, I will let you know. Being use to a MS, I had to try something.

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