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    Im on a trip and need a good movie every once in a while. If you could convert a couple of movies or TV shows to a Palm format, Id appreciate it and pay you for it.

    Oh, and to keep it all legal, Ill even pay for the DVD(s). I dont want to break copyright laws. I just need entertainment. (If you own the DVD, Ill even buy it from you.)

    Anyone interested? Email me.

    The most important thing is that its done fast. Ill pay by Pay Pal and Ill give you access to my FTP site.
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    This thread actually makes it pretty easy and it works - I was able to create an appropriate file in just a few hours. For some reason MMPlayer isn't working properly for me, but at least the AVI file works!

    Sorry - the first time I posted I forgot the link (which is a duplicate of the one below):
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    I know many of my clients who would feel the same way with regards to having someone just create the DVDs and setup their treo to play it ... and honestly, I would give it some thought in doing so. I guess the one problem is, if any that I could think of, is that in going through the process of creating the movie to be of size and resolution for the treo, you come to an understanding/appreciation of how the technology all comes together and works the way it does.

    "So what?" The question of the hour .. "I don't really care" the statement that always follows.

    The "So what" would probably relate to the fact that the technology, while it definitely works, (I just converted the first season of the Dave Chappel Show to fit onto the treo and laughed all day today while watching it on my downtime), it still isn't "PERFECT." There are some very minor and livable glitches at times ... and of course the sounds quality and resolution aren't too die for, but as I stated in my other thread, I think they are very more than livable... and better experience than compare to watching a TV using broadcast antenna with static or Direct-TV on a rainy day. If you go through the process, you understand the limitations and glitches and are more adept at dealing with them. Just my thought. You are more comfortable in troubleshooting as well when and if you are out on the road and the movie or show is acting up.

    ANYWAY with all this being said, you bring up an interesting thought of billing as a service (as to keep all this legal) to actually make these movies for people who dont care to do it themselves. Of course one would have to live with any glitches or limitations and just be happy with things as is. Very interesting.

    FINALLY ... if you really want to try this yourself .. it does only take a few steps and a few hours. Most of the time is waiting for the computer to do its stuff ... its not like you have to sit there and watch it. Check out my other thread on the subject: DVD Movies on Treo
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    BTW, with the digital millenium act, I dont think there is anyway to make this "legal."

    though you have a right to make a backup, the dma says it is illegal to break any encryption.
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