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    So I loved the 2-in-1 from Seidio. I'm a big listener, and on my walks to/fro work, I like to hear a good book. If I get a call in the process, I simply switch over to phone mode and talk.

    Here are two problems though

    1. The Seidio ear pieces don't fit well in my ear, even with the wraparound attachments. There's too much space between the speakers and my ear, so if a loud bus or something goes by, I can't hear. I also live in Boston, and the subway is HORRIBLY loud, so it means I can't hear books while commuting, which is dumb.

    2. The lapel clip is entirely TOO fragile. My clip snapped off, and now I can't clip the mic to a good spot on my shirt/jacket. It hangs and usually with the mic against my chest. No good.

    Problem number one is HUGE. Unfortunately, I can't just leave Boston, so I'll have to deal with the T. I have found something that works a lot better for listening. Radio Shack has a $20 pair of in-ear headphones which works great

    Unfortunately, I can't use it as a 2-in-1 cause there's no integrated mic.

    Here are my challenges/questions/suggestions:

    A) Ultimately, I'd love the Seidio integrated system with earpieces like those ofthe radio shack model. Any chance I can strip the wire and attach the Radio Shack ear pieces to the Seidio?

    b) Are there any other 2-in-1 solutions besides the Seidio? I've really grown fond of book listening and phone chatting without swapping wires.

    - ag47
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    Unfortunately, those Radio Shack headphones won't work either without an adapter because the plug is a regular mini-plug (3.5) instead of the sub-mini plug (2.5mm) ours take.

    You can try what I did and adapt some Jabra ear gels from the autowinder headset. I've found they are more comfortable and do block a little outside noise.

    Check out my post here:
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    thx indiefab.

    what i meant was actually CUTTING he earpieces off the radioshack set, CUTTING the pieces off the Seidio and attaching the earpieces (by connecting wires) from the radio shack to the Seidio
    - ag47
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    Seidio sells a 2 in 1 adapter that allows you to connect any headset to it. I haven't used it though.
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    Hi Agnok47,

    Thank you very much for the suggestions

    My name is David Chang, Product Marketing Manager for Seidio. I am here to receive the feedbacks and answer any questions or problems you may have regarding to our products. In the future, you can email me your comments or just post your messages in this forum.

    As to the comments you have for 2 in 1 headset, I will look into it to see what we can do in our next version of 2 in 1 headset.

    LIke Sxtg suggests, we do have 2 in 1 headset adaptor, which allows you to use any your favorable headphone with our 2 in 1 adaptor.

    Thank you in advance

    David Chang
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    The 2-in-1 would be much better if the wires would roll up, like a Jabra headset. I agree that the ear pieces are too big. Sometimes they make my ears hurt. The sound quality could be better too.

    Seidio, perhaps you could make a "deluxe" model? Something around $70 with wires that roll up, very high quality earbuds, a strong clip, and a better microphone.
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    I received my Seidio 2in1 adapter on Friday. It is working, with my sony headset, great in all respects. It solved all my issues. I logged over 40 hours use so far, with numerous calls, all handled as advertised. Can I get another one for free, cause I will surely wear this puppy out.
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    Seidio rocks just for the fact that they have a manager on this board keeping an eye on feedback. Thanks! I'd forgotten about the adapter and will give it a shot as soon as I have a few more bucks.

    thanks, david!
    - ag47
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    - ag47
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    Those must be pretty new. I would have been tempted to get those above the regular ones.
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    Has anyone tried the retractables? Any review?

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