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    Hi, I am gearing up to buy a treo 600 and ditch my land lines. One of the sticking points is that we have to have a fax machine. Is there some way that I can use my fax machine with the cell number? Any wisdom or links to other sites that may address this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    You can use your PC or Laptop as a fax. Go to I gave up a land line a few years ago. Anyone that sends me a fax goes to my laptop wherever I am. It is extreamly convenient. I can even email people that dont have email addresses but have access to fax machines through my outlook.

    Take a look at the website and see if it will work for you.
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    Thanks, so if someone was sending me a fax that I needed to sign...

    1. They would fax it to the fax number
    2. I would receive it in an email as a PDF.
    3. I would print it and sign it.
    4. I would scan it and email it to them as a PDF.
    5. And they would receive it as a fax. Or alternatively I could just email it to them.

    Is this how it would work??

    this looks like it might be a viable solution. Is this the standard approach to the no fax machine/land line situation. Are there other methods I should evaluate? Is there a way to use your fax machine with the cell phone number??
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    Your multi-step solution outlined above is correct. That's how I do it, although in practice it's much simpler than all that sounds, since the computer automates most of the process.

    Also, I prefer uReach.
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    I have used efax ( to do this for several years. Another option.
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    There is a slightly simpler way. I got both my signature and my individual handwriting turned into a font. That way I can sign and write replys without having to print the fax. I can then save and re-send the fax.

    Extreamly easy for someone like myself who travels a lot for business. There is never a problem with a client sending you information and being able to quickly reply.

    I also have my office phones forward to my cell phone when I'm traveling. Nobody knows where I am, but I can handle the work from anywhere.
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    The signature and handwriting font sound like a great idea. How do you have these made? Also, what steps if any are needed to electronically sign the PDF file--can you just type in the document or are there other steps? Thanks so much for your wisdom.
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    For my signature I used sigfont at For my handwriting I used some guy out of Australia. I will do a google and try to locate him, but there are others if you do a google search.

    On some PDF Documents you can write on it especially if you have the full version of Acrobat and not just the reader. I have come across instances where the document was so locked that I had to open it up under Adobe Photoshop and then write on it.

    You also have the option with MaxEmail to have them send it to you in a Tiff format instead of a pdf. I use the pdf.

    Hope this helps
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    Great, thanks for all the helpful info. I think I am all set now and ready to make the transition.

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