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    For the past week or so, it's taken an incredibly long time for me to send or receive email with Snapper (no problem beforehand). I get the message "Connecting ..." for up to 10 minutes (!) before it finally says "Authorizing ..." and actually goes through.

    I suspect that it's not a hardware problem, because my web access is still normally fast. And I suspect that it's not my mail server because when I get my email via outlook it's normally fast. That leaves Snapper or the Sprint mail server (which I use to logon to my work mail server).

    One wierd observation is that Snapper has always seemed to interact wierdly with the antenna. Even if I'm getting 5 bars of signal strength and have the bright green arrows over the bars, when snapper tries to send or receive, the bars always go gray for a long while. I can make them green again by stopping the send/receive - which seems kind of strange.

    Any ideas?
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    I'm having a similar problem with the palmOne email client. I use it to access 2 pop accounts: my yahoo and my work server. For months, I was able to check either account within 10 seconds, but in the past week or so, it started to take 30 seconds at least to check my work server (not 10 minutes), although I can still check yahoo in 10s. The amount of time it takes to check either account using my pop client on my desktop has not changed.

    Over the same time frame, I've noticed that it's suddenly taken longer to send email using sprint as an smtp server ( The server doesnt seem to respond for 30 seconds or so.
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    I thought I was the only one...

    I am using the Snappermail 2.0 beta, and about 2 weeks agao, if got very slow on Connecting and Authorizing.

    I thought this might be a bug, but it is only shows up on connecting to certain POP accounts, not all (I check 3, all different platforms).

    As with you, my desktop client has no problem connecting or fetching.

    Very frustraing.

    So it's a matter of deduction:
    Treo hardware - fine

    Snappermail software - unlikely, as it worked perfectly for the prior month

    Sprint network - likely suspect. They did something to their data network and it is not handling the protocols properly.
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    I travel nearly every week and I have found since updating on Sprint that connection and disconnection takes an extreme amount of time in nearly every city I travel to. Many times I get a soft reset on dsconnect. Using PalmOne Mail or Snapper Mail 1.9.2 gives the same results.

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