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    I have a new Treo 600 with AT&T. I am fairly pleased with it, but I have two problems that may be related.

    1. My house has good coverage. However, occasionally, I discover that the phone is still registered for voice service, but the GPRS indicator is gone. If I ask for email, I eventually get an error. If I turn "wireless mode" off and on, GPRS service is restored.

    2. Recently I was in a rural area that had spots of Cingular coverage and spots of Cellular One, with a larger degree of overlap. Roaming worked on Cingular, but I could make no calls on Cellular One. I had an AT&T Motorola V.600 with me also. It switched back to Cingular whenevewr possible, as far as I could tell, but my Treo would get stuck on Cellular One, and would not switch to Cingular until I switched 'Wireless mode" off and on.

    I'm disappointed that the Treo software wasn't smart enough to handle this. I need for GPRS to work automatically, without operator intervention. I have software version Treo600-1.13-AWS. Does anyone know if there is a newer version, and, if so, will it fix my problem? Or is it a hardware problem? Do all Treos do this?
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    Upgrading your firmware may solve your first problem. Regarding to the second, it could be that Cellular One is using a 850MHz network. To my knowlegde, the Treo600 connects to the strongest frequency out of the four.
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    I do know for sure that some of the Cingular towers in that area are 850 MHz. I don't know about Cellular One. What do you mean by "stongest frequency"?

    AT&T tells me that I have the latest firmware (Treo600-1.13-AWS). Does anyone know for sure?
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    I had that problem and its much reduced (not entirely gone) with the firmware update. I think thats one issue they did work on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brewster
    I do know for sure that some of the Cingular towers in that area are 850 MHz. I don't know about Cellular One. What do you mean by "stongest frequency"?
    Since you are roaming, your unit will take the strongest signal around you by default. But you can always choose which carrier to latch onto manually.
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    I've been roaming on Cellular One for the past week while on vacation. I also am using the latest firmware and have AT&T Wireless service. I still have the exact problem you describe and it can be fixed by a off/on wireless cycle as well.

    I wonder if it has anything to do with getting dropped in a poor coverage area and then GPRS does not activate by itself when coverage reappears later? I am in an area where the cell coverage is spotty (central Minnesota).

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    This happened to me a bit around DC on T-Mobile. I did two things... upgraded my SIM card from a Voicestream one to a new T-Mobile, and loaded the latest firmware for the Treo 600. Now the Treo registers faster, has coverage where it did not before, and accesses GPRS a bit faster and more reliably.

    You might try the same thing with AT&T.
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    I personally think it is caused by software. I experienced that problem for a while. I got tired of the wireless cycle and did a hard reset. I used my phone like it came out of the box for two weeks -- Never once had the problem. Re-synced back all the software I had built up and the problem returned.

    I did another hard reset and added only the software I deemed critical--and took a backup with Backupman. Consistently I find that if I start to add games and other freeware, the problem returns. If I leave it alone, I never have theproblem connecting to GPRS when I have a great signal.

    This is what I deemed the tell-tale sign for me---If I'm not connected to GPRS and I'm in the phone mode, I can change to Blazer (or Web) and it doesn't automatically initiate GPRS connectivity. If it ever does, then I know that soon I'm going to have the problem people in this thread are describing.

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