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    just saved a couple of acrobat pdf files into my sd card for my treo 600. I have the acrobat reader for palm installed but when I open the reader it doesn't show the pdf files. I checked with FileZ and tried to move/copy the files from the external card to the treo (palm card?) but can't. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? thanks
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    My installation shows the pdf.pdb files in the SD card's "palm\launcher\" folder. Ben
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    make sure that you are installing through the Acrobat desktop software rather than just copying onto card
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    although i cant immediatly help you, did you check out the Adobe user forums?

    they have been dropping the ball ALOT lately regarding acrobat. Its pretty embarassing. But the users here are VERY helpful.

    Since there are a couple of options as to which subforum, heres the forum page.

    Hope this helps:
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    thanks all. will try to instal differently instead of just copying into the sd card. Will also check out the adobe site.
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    I found this desktop app at sourceforge to convert pdf to html:

    Then convert to your preferred format, Plucker or iSilo (for example). Not perfect, but I'll try anything to get rid of acrobat reader for palm!

    There's also a plugin for desktop acrobat reader called pdftodoc.
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    you have to know (you should if you'd have read acrobat for palm help) that you cannot read native pdf files on a palm device. You have to convert them before on a desktop to a suitable format (i.e. pdf for palm)

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    I am not sure if anyone can help but I have been trying few times to install the acrobat reader "AdobeReader305-PalmOS.exe" to my Treo 600 without success. It does expand but nothing happens when I do the hotsync..

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    Got it. I know now that I have to install the regular pdf files via the Acrobat reader for palm in order to be able to read the files in my Treo 600. Thanks all.
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