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    With the Verizon release of the Treo seamingly going forward, I will be *finally* moving from the 7135 to the Treo. I currently sync with both a Mac (10.3.x) and VirtualPC.

    So.... my question is what is the best way to "change over" the desktop apps on a Mac and PC, ideally leaving current 3rd party conduits intact. My main question is whether I should UNINSTALL the current palm desktop/hotsync software, then reinstall the new treo desktop software, or just install the treo OVER the current software.

    I've done this many times over the years, and there always seems to be some issue. Perhaps things have improved over the past year. Any pearls of wisdom here are appreciated!
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    when going from a 6035 to a Treo 300 and then to the 600, each time I backed up the user folder to my firewire drive and started fresh, even though I was using the same HotSync ID. As far as the Palm desktop software I trash the "Palm" folder in the Applications folder and installed new. This was on a PowerBook, not sure what to tell you about the Win side.
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