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    Here's a neat trick for sending messages to SMS enabled phones (like Treo) from AIM or iChat.

    In AIM, just open a new message window and set the screen name to +1[phone_number] (e.g. +14155551212).

    In iChat, hit Shift-Command-N for "new chat with a person" and enter the phone number with the same format as above.

    So far, this only seems to work in the US.

    More details:
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    This is called IM forwarding and it doesn't work with Sprint. Other carriers have it where you can receive the messages to SMS but not reply. Some have fuller functionality

    Honestly, Sprint's implementation of IM really kind of stinks.
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    To clarify, you CAN send SMS messages from AIM and iChat on your desktop to SMS enabled phones (including Sprint) using the method above. (I have Sprint and it works fine.)

    The previous poster may be referring to IM clients for Sprint phones.
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    i can send from ichat or aol im to my phone, but can't reply from my phone (treo 600). the message on my phone appears to be from "aol im" and not from the sender. is there some configuration needed that i may have missed?

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    I have yet to see a good solution to do instant messaging on a CDMA (Sprint & Verizon) Treo.

    There's Verichat, which allows "always-on" data and sms modes, but with CDMA you don't want the data mode because it can keep calls from coming in from consistent data connections. The SMS mode works okay most of the time, but sometimes there is several minute delay when receiving the first IM to initiate a chat conversation. worked fine for a little while, but seems unreliable too. I think the SMS solution would work great, but with Sprint's horrible SMS setup, it can make it impossible to use at times because you may never get the SMS to begin with.
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    i do this all the time. i dont even use text messaging in the traditional sense because its not necessary.

    here is the thread describing how i do it:
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    The problem with that thread is that it deals only with GSM. You can get voice calls while in a data session using GSM. I'm on Sprint, which is CDMA, and don't want to have a somewhat frequent connection to data because I can't receive voice calls while in a data session. Calls get kicked to voicemail instead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xpgeek
    The problem with that thread is that it deals only with GSM. You can get voice calls while in a data session using GSM.
    To clarify, from my experience, and also discussed in previous threads by others, you can be in a data session and receive voice calls ONLY if there is no current data transfer. If you're downloading an email or loading a webpage, the caller gets directed to voicemail.

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