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    I've been all across the country the last month. I was just about to buy a 600 for my g/f because she likes mine so much. Then I came here and heard of this 'Ace'. After 30 minutes of s
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    .. of searching nothing made sense. I'm doing all the reading on my treo. Anyways can someone give me the skinny. Thanks
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    320x320 screen, bluetooth, etc. 32MB ram, newer palm os... Gotta keep it on the down-low though, I guess Treocentral had to remove the post on it...
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    Quote Originally Posted by BrianV
    ...After 30 minutes of s
    I'm kind of surprised at the number of posts I've seen from posters using TREOs to do the posting that get discoed mid-post. Is there some sort of funniness w.r.t. posting (here and elsewhere) that causes this?
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    Probably going under a tunnel or bridge which cuts the signal!
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    No, it's something else, some bug I'm guessing.
    I've had it happen to me several times on a couple different boards.
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    You should start a new poll I have also had this happen to me. It would be interesting to see the coms from other membs
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    Every time before I post from the Treo now I go back into the text. Quite often it's cut off and I have to retype it. If it's all still intact I post and normally it's ok but sometimes it still gets cut off.
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