View Poll Results: Are you satisfied with the battery life on your Treo?

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  • Yes

    19 54.29%
  • No

    4 11.43%
  • It's not great, but not suprised.

    4 11.43%
  • It's not great, and that's suprising

    2 5.71%
  • It's about what I'd expect.

    6 17.14%
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    I've had the Treo for about 4 months now, and the amount of talk time that my battery gets has gone down tremendously.

    Anyone else having battery drain issues with the Treo?
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    Same thing happend over time with the Treo 300. (And talk time on the 300 was terrible to begin with and only got worse with time.) Hope you've got a replacement plan.
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    No significant battery drain effect but my usage is probably lower than average
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    get a car charger but unplug the entire device including phone first and then charger and then turn off car, but do not plugg in before starting car mine onlt lasted about a month, also do not charge for short periods of time 15 or 30 minutes must charge fully hope this adds a little bit of talk time to your battery
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    Had my first T600 for about 9 months, and the battery life was fine, even with heavy utilization.

    Got a refurb unit this month, and the battery life seems no greater than my old T300! I'm not happy about this.

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