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    I used to have a palm m505 I have tons of info that I'd like to move from my m505 to my treo600. My m505 has been hotsynced on my puter. Can anyone tell me the fail safe way? Its my date book and phone that I'm most concerned with but I wouldn't mind a couple of the apps. Thank you.
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    sync the treo, and when it asks select the same name as your m505. most of your stuff should be transfered.
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    I think you have to install from the CD provided after having copied your user folder just to be safe. Then take all of the third party apps out of the backup folder OR rename the backup folder to backupold then sync. After that you have to put the thrid party apps back in to the newly created backup folder one at a time and sync each time. I've been through this today, date book and contacts etc all came out fine but loads of my third party apps wouldn't work and I'm only upgrading from a Treo270!
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    When I upgraded from my Palm Vx to a Treo, I had major problems porting over my data. What I did was export my address book & calendar information from my old Palm Desktop to a .dba and .aba file respectively. Then I uninstalled the Palm Desktop and deleted all folders. Then when I installed my Treo software, I imported my new address book & calendar. I lost all of my categories this way, but it was a personal sue fire way of getting my new data into my Treo.

    Whatever you do, back everything up in the \Palm folder on your computer including all subfolders and files. If it messes up, you can always restore it back.

    I had trouble using the same user name on my Treo and my Old Palm on the same computer. That caused me lots of headaches.
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    What I did (before I read you replies) was rename my old palm folder to palmm505. Installed t6 software. Copied old .dat files from palmm505 address and datebook folders to my new t6 address and datebook folder. Hotsynced and got this error.

    "Some handheld records were not copied to your PC. Your computer may be full or you may have reached the maximum allowed records on the desktop. To correct this situation, delete some records and perform a HotSync operation again."

    So, it looks I'll have to read your responses closely and try them or something. Thanks

    ps. can't believe palm wouldn't have made this an automatic thing during instalation. Wouldn't they know that some people are upgrading from old plam hardware?
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    Whatever you do, do not simply sync your Treo 600 to your old username. There are files and settings in there that are likely specific to the m505 and the last thing you want is those showing up in your Treo 600 (can cause the 600 to become unstable).

    The procedure is really quite simple. This is if you are using Palm Desktop: First, simply create a new username. Then copy your addressbook (and in your case datebook) over to the new username (simply select all the entries then copy and paste). Now go into the backup folder for your old device and double click on the apps you want to transfer to your new device. When you double click on the apps, a box will popup asking what username you would like to install the app for and there you select the new username you just created. Hotsync and you're done. In your case, you will also likely want to hard reset the 600 because you transferred over some old settings from your m505 and you don't want those on your new Treo. Also, remove the files from the backup folder that you copied over. Otherwise, the error they caused will happen again.
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    Actually its in the manual (had to get it out of the garbage, its a bad habbit), not detailed and contradicts a couple of msgs from people hear but seams to be working. One thing I did was rename the backup folder as I didn't want any of my old software coming along for the ride as my m505 was not very stable. Thank you very much guys.
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    It'll be worth it, I can't believe how much I like this thing. To think that I was umming and aahing over lobbing out 99 quid for it is amazing! The screen on my Treo 270 went 3 months ago and work gave me a P800 as a replacement. What a dog that thing is, I use macs and I got it to sync twice out of maybe 50 attempts. Big relief to get back to Palm.....
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    FYI, PalmOne has very detail online instructions on how to upgrade to the Treo600 from other PalmOS as well as other platforms:

    How To: Upgrade from a previous device to a Treo 600 smartphone


    How To: Upgrade from a Palm OS device to a Treo 600
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