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    Have been using my sprintpcs treo now for a couple weeks and love it but there's some basic flaws in the operations, some kinda stupid.

    I can't seem to cut and paste from emails with the sprintpcs business connection client without first replying, and then i'm free to cut and paste but have to go and delete the reply.

    My contacts don't auto appear when I compose a new email and it doesn't go to my contact list like it should, so i have to type in all emails by hand.

    And I can't seem to figure out how to add a number from my call log to an already existing contact without cutting and pasting that number either....

    frustrating, you'd figure they'd build that in.

    Further, it would seem that phone numbers contained within emails, you should be able to select them and have the option to either click on them with the stylus or dial them from the menu or be able to add an incoming email address to contacts.

    Clicking on an email from within the contact list should launch a blank email to that address.

    Does anyone know of an app for the treo that much more effectively handles all this?

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    Not an answer for all your frustrations, but MarkNDial from PDAApps will allow you to dial a number by selecting text.

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