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    I have an oportunity to get a Treo 600.

    To do this I have to sell my TH55, not get an N-gage qd(already preordered) and give up the ability to take notes in class with my PDA. I wan to know if it is worth it. The Treo Ace is too expensive.
    some questions:
    1. Legacy, can I play it on the Treo, what about snails and Warfare INC?
    2. will my kalemsoft emulators work?
    3. can I use my ir keyboard?
    4. how is the screen for ebook reading?
    5. what about word documents?
    6. What sofware will not work on the Treo?

    If some one can answere those questions, I would be very greatful
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    can someone please answere my questions?

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