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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris99
    Has anyone found a current version of the BB PSP online? I looked on their web site but found only a general description of it.
    If you go to a retail store they'll be more than happy to sell you... I mean show you one!

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    ERic - I read my plan and my plan does replace with a new unit or the cost can be put towards a different unit. True they do have the option to try fixing the problem if the problem can be fixed. In all my experiences with the Treo including the issues I have now none can/could be resolved via them fixing it. And usually their version of a "fix" is a hard reboot, as I got at the SPCS store.

    All plans (from any company) have "the fine print" but for most cases what I have said about the plans is true. And most posts from people who got a replacement from BB prove that.

    There will always be someone who did not have things go well for them. But for the most part the BB plan is a good one. And most that have used the current plan have nothing but good to say about it.

    Last time I ever got a gurantee without fine print it came from my parents .
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    The basic details of the Best Buy Performance Service Plan (PSP) are right here.

    Of course the actual plan has much more details and is not available online.
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    One problem with a place like Best Buy is that you may be screwed if they stop carrying the Treo. I had a similar issue with Circuit City and the Treo 300... the phone died, and Circuit City no longer sold Treos of any flavor.
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