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    I just updated my unlocked Treo 600 with the new firmware version and there are some applications and files on my Treo which seem to be left over. I was wondering if anyone knows what these are and if they can be safely deleted. The two files that I have left over are:

    D.C. (Device Customizer)
    Applnflater (I don't know what this does)
    ROM0.prc (very large file, 4429K)

    The files that seem to be unnecessary (I think!) are:

    Firmware0.prc (through Firmware8.prc)
    RomUpdater._de (and various languages)
    tmpfl01.tmp (though tmpfl12.tmp)

    My unlocked Treo 600 is new. One of the reasons I'm asking about whether it's safe to delete this is that with more or less the same applications installed on my unlocked Treo 600 and my AT&T Treo 600, the AT&T Treo has a lot more space left over. My unlocked Treo 600 has 3.7 megs of free space compared to Treo that's locked to AT&T, which has 5.9 megs of free space.

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    An update...

    I talked with PalmOne tech support and they said it was okay to delete that massive file, ROM0.prc. I did and nothing bad happened to my Treo 600.

    I also decided to delete Applnflater and VigilantROW and so far so good, as well.

    In the process I noticed another large file on my unlocked Treo 600: GSM Updater, which is 2.4 megs in size. I'm probably going to delete that, too. (When I tap on the application GSM Updater, my Treo tries to update the GSM software, but I don't let the process go farther than the opening screen of this application.)

    I still have "RomUpdater.deDE" and in other languages on my Treo 600 -- anyone have any idea about whether it's okay to delete those files?
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    Yes, it's OK to delete those files. When I updated the firmware on my unbranded Treo 600 I didn't have any of those files leftover. I wonder why yours does. I think I have something like 23.8MB free out of 24MB.
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