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    let's look at the alternative from the dark side:

    "Now for the bad news: the MPX will only have 32Mb of RAM. On the phones he looked at, that left only 3-4MB of memory available for running programs. Motorola recognizes that that's a problem and is working very hard to upgrade the device to 48MB of RAM before it gets shipped. However, they said that chance was slim. They explained the problem away by saying that the device is mainly for use as a phone, not as a full fledged pocket pc."

    This is a $1000 smartphone and it doesn't even work well as a PDA!!! Thank goodness that we have real competition in the smartphone land.

    Below is the link to the full story...
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    i like the design of it when it's used at a pda. sort of like the sidekick. but when you open it and it's used as a phone....forget that. cause it's real big. too bad for the 32 mb of ram. i dont know what they were thinking on that one. a typical ppc program is like what...? 1-5 mb...?
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    Who cares what those overpriced dogs in the back of the pack are up to.

    32MB of RAM is not enough and most everyone needs more than that.

    So time for the bright minds within PalmOne to work on something that can handle more space. Or if as rumor has it the space issue is because of some old deal it's time for them to move forward.
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    32 mb on a palm is no problem (eventho i'd prefer 64 just in case). biggest size a palm program might be...1 mb. you regular program is like 250 kb. your regular program on a pocket pc can be 1 mb. and if you just have 5-6 mb left for the user...that's crazy. cause after you put in all your contacts, appts, notes, tasks, that could be a 1 or 2 mb right there.

    BUT oh well. hope the ace/660 comes out in sept/oct. chea.
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    32MB is a big problem. GPS Maps take much space. A single map for a single county takes several MB at least. MP3 ringtones also take up much space. Having a few MP3s for rings also requires a number of MB. Would be nice to be able to have at least one CD's worth of tracks available in RAM to listen to if you travel on a train to work without having to fiddle with SD cards. If you drive and use the GPS you don't want to have to fiddle with the SD cards while on the road. Would be nicer to be able to hold more of them in RAM.

    Anyone able to do all they need to do with just 32MB of RAM is not using their Treo for all that is can be used for. Although the 32 might suit them it is not enough.

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