For anyone who uses Textras, you know how valuable this utility is. For those who don't, you know how the Treo replaces some words with others, like turning "dont" into "don't" and so on? Textras lets you define your own replacments, for as many words as you want! You can create shortcut words like "srv" for "server", "mtg" for "meeting" etc, and it types out the whole word for you as you type. This is far superior to the products where you have to stop and choose a word from a popup list.

The only problem with the product is that it doesn't stay enabled on a reset (even if the setting is on). I contacted the developer ( several times, and he has made it pretty clear that the chances that he'll fix it are slim and none, given his other priorities. But this is the only utility I have that doesn't stay enabled on reboot, and like all "gotta-have" utilities, I can't live without it now that I'm used to it!

Any replacements out there that stay enabled on reset?