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    Does anyone know of a program that will always launch the phone app whenever you turn the Treo 600 on?
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    Just press the phone button while the device is off, it will turn on and go to the phone app. If you really wanted to, you could set all buttons to launch phone....
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    thanks...but I am looking more for a "default open" app, like on the old treo there was program that allowed you to set any application to launch when the treo was opened. I want the same thing but for anytime the treo is powered on, primarily when using the top power button. Thanks
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    I've been thinking on this one, and while the 'default open' was useful on the 300, with its flip lid, I truly don't see the difference in turning on the phone (and opening the phone app) by simply mashing the phone button, and what you're trying to do.
    See what I mean? Here's what I do:
    Mash the phone button - turns on the device, in phone mode.
    What you want:
    Hit the power button on top - turns on the device, in phone mode.

    I personally think the phone button is easier to hit than the power button on top. So - what use will you get out of using the power button to open the device in phone mode, vs just using the phone button to open the device in phone mode? (they seem the same to me, so why have two of the same thing)
    I'm genuinely curious, and not flaming you here.....

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