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    Has anyone found a way to play online poker with their Treo 600?
    Treo 650
    Treo 600
    Treo 300
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    Given the vagaries of the wireless network I'd be a little leery of doing this since sites often consider you all-in if you get disconnected.
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    I played PartyPoker through VNC once
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    What's VNC?
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    I've played through VNC, but only as a proof of concept. (Google for VNC... it's software that lets you remotely control another computer. PalmVNC works surprisingly well.)

    The problem is that the display on the Palm just doesn't hack it. You either have to scroll constantly to see the table, or you have to resize the display to be so small that you can't see the cards. The only thing that *might* work, though I doubt it, is the UltimateBet mini-display mode.

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