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    Question... Does anybody know what ISP works best with the Treo600 and Snappermail?
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    Depends on your needs. For IMAP I use Fastmail and have had no problems with it. For POP I use SprintPCS and Yahoo.
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    Thanks for your help. I signed up with the Yahoo that gives access to POP3. This is with their $19.99 version (annual fee). The free version does not give, or soon will not give, access to POP3. So hopefully, the Treo600 will work well with Snapper and Yahoo. Has Yahoo been good for you? Thanks - tom
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    I have found Yahoo to be much more reliable than Sprint and frankly, for just receiving mail, much more reliable than Road Runner. For sending mail, not a compliant. It has never been down when I needed it (between 6A and about midnight here in Honolulu). As for Fastmail, it has also be reliable and fast for sending email. I have it set to sync 9 folders and to move the mail to the SD card every day. Sync time is not the greatest, but is tolerable. I also use Chatter and it and SM together make a heck of a combination. As a note, I pay for access to both Yahoo and Fastmail. Money well spent for me. Ben
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    Thanks for the input. I am going with Yahoo. I hope it works as well for me! Thanks again.

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