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    This was sent to me today:

    Dear Customer,

    Good News! We like to notify you that we are doing Presale on TREO 600
    JAVOSkin ETA - 7/20/04. If you wish you can place order now or order
    on the ETA date at our store

    Currently, we are selling them at USD $28.95 for single pack,

    and Bundle pack (JAVOSkin + JAVOScreen + JAVOSync ) for USD $43.88

    Please click to the link below for more informations and photos of the

    Please stay tune at for
    more information on new product releases. Thank you for your time and

    Have a great day!

    Best Regards,
    - JAVOedge Customer Service
    Here's what the case will look like:
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    Looks like a winner, except that I can't get past the anger I feel when companies ask for upwards of $30 for a thin piece of Silicone. How is this different from an iskin ipod case which I can get for $13?
    Answer: it's not
    Tony Ricciardi
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    The appropriate reaction to this situation is joy, not anger. If lots of people buy this product at $30, then that's the fair price, by definition. If they take their business elsewhere, the seller will either adapt or go out of business. The magic of free-market capitalism is that when there are multiple competitors there's no need to buy things you think are overpriced. Forums like this make it all work by educating everyone about their choices. Life is good.

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