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    This may have been asked before...if so could someone please point me to the appropriate thread?

    Is there some software out there that will automatically put the Treo 600 into vibrate mode when there is a meeting on the calendar? This I believe is similar to the feature available on the Motorola MPx200.

    Thanks in advance!
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    There's a 3rd party application that does that on the Series 60 phones as well (I forget what it was called) that I used when I had my Nokia 3650. Worked like a charm ... all I had to do was define profiles for various calendar item keywords - for example, a "meeting" might be a single beep at an extremely soft volume as opposed to a vibrate. "Church" might be entirely vibrate only. etc. etc.

    Sadly, I doubt we'll see this for the T600 anytime soon .....

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