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    I am in S. FLorida.. and I can't even Stream Audio uninterupted at 24K.... I have never been able to get anything better.. I hear some people bragging about 56k..

    I have been to NJ, Georgia inthe past month and no better there either....
    Anything I can do?

    Yes my phone is upgraded to the latest firmware
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    It might be you.

    Just kidding!

    Seriously though...AT&T sucks generally. At least they are consistent though. Their customer service sucks, GSM service sucks, GPRS service sucks, salespeople generally suck, billing is, this is gonna be a long list!!

    I'm using T-Mobile and have not had a better experience with any other carrier. If you must have the best service generally though, switch to Verizon. You pay for it, but you actually get something in return.
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    AT&T service has been fair at best in my opinion. Their customer service is very hit or miss. I get different answers to the same questions.

    I am perpetually jealous of an employee of ours who checks his mail 3x-4x faster with his Sprint t600 than I do with my AT&T version.

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    My AT&T service (pre-Treo) in the S.F. Bay area had the worst coverage I've ever had. I gave up on ever using the phone.

    I have fairly decent coverage with my Sprint Treo.

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    y'all should unlock your Treos, sell 'em on Ebay, then switch to sprint.
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    I have tried just about every service in San Jose, California - and AT&T, including GPRS, has by far the best coverage here. It is the only service that is usable at my house, and I am in a pocket at my office for CDMA that makes Sprint and Verizon barely useable. I returned my Sprint Treo 600 after four days, and left T-Mobile with my unlocked GSM Treo after four months. All you can do is check the return policy on the phone and the service, and see what works where you use the phone most.
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    AT&T's GPRS is pretty good in Philly. It seems that every other places I've been its nowhere near as good as it is in Philly. Cali sucked, SC and GA sucked.
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    What is the best service is Georgia anyway? My sister loves T-Mobile, but every time I'm talking to her she cuts out. AT&T was definitely horrible there...Is Cingular worthwhile in Atlanta and northern suburbs?
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    AWS GPRS in NY, NJ, and Chicago are cool for me
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    AT&T used have spotty coverage in Dallas. With the new pre-merger roaming on Cingular I now get great coverage with Cingular where I previously had poor coverage with AT&T.
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