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    Pardon me for asking a dumb question, but where is it that you all are reading about the possible new Treo? I looked on Treo Central under Stories and can only find a story dated last April about a Treo 610. Is there something newer? I currently have a Treo 300 (don't laugh, it's been a good little unit for me), but want something that has better battery life, plus I'd like to be able to play mp3 files on it. I'm eligible for the 18 month upgrade with Sprint, so have been thinking about upgrading to a 600, but if something newer is just around the corning, I'll be willing to wait. So if someone can post a link to the article you all have been discussing I sure would appreciate it. Thanks.
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    There has been no article on TreoCentral explaining why the original article was yanked however there was a post on an obscure thread semi-explaining it:


    The information is still available on multiple sites that apparently are not afraid of a nameless carrier or PalmOne - see pdabuzz or palminfocenter, for example.


    Editted to note that the two sites noted above may have archived their respective articles so they're not as easy to get to as simply going to the home page and clicking a link. See also bargainpda and maybe brighthand.
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