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    Hi. Since upgrading to a later version of Verichat, i think, my battery suddenly will drain 1 percent as fast as every 3-5 minutes if i leave verichat connected to always on using data. I dont believe it was ever this bad, but my phone that was unplugged at 10am was at 16 percent by 5pm. Any suggestions?

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    Use SMS instead of the data method.
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    Switched to the SMS mode and do not find that the SMS is as bad
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    set your verichat to alert you when you have in coming chat
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    Unscientific observation: From what I've noticed, if you leave the Verichat application open, then it "checks" the data connection much more frequently and hits the battery hard. If you go to another app (e.g. the Phone app) before turning off your screen there is less battery drain b/c Verichat isn't actively checking things (or at least does it less frequently).

    If you have the Verichat "always on" setting, then *in theory* you won't miss any IMs cause they'll come in as SMS messages (if you have that in your settings as well). In reality the "always on" is more like an "almost always on", and I usually pop over to Verichat every couple of hours to make sure it's still connected okay.

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