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    PalmGear emailed me today with a discount code for PegJump. (Click the link to get your copy.)

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    Got it, thanks Tech Dude...
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    Thanks, I got it too. (They never answered my email.)
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    Yeah...they emailed it to me this morning as well (or was it yesterday).

    I downloaded applock too...The thing is that both these software need a unlocking key from the developer which PalmGear claims will email you direct.

    Have any of you receive a key yet?
    I haven't....
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    received my Applock code this morning
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    Today's free software is PilotMicroRace. Wasn't that one free just a few days ago?
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    got my code this morning but they just keep using the same apps anyway they are FREE
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    Did anyone pick up Facer yesterday for $6.95? Seemed like a good discount...
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    I missed applock, something I wanted. Hope they put it up again...
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    They had Worldmate (standard) very cheap also...yesterday.

    Some of the discounts are pretty good IMO.

    I received the code for applock but nothing on PegJump.
    Did anyone receive the unlock code for PegJump yet?
    I downloaded it at the same time I did AppLock.
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    You have to email the author for the Pegjump code (that's what it says in my Palmgear confirmation email anyway)
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    Yes it does...but if you read further down, it says that PalmGear sent him/her an email already...

    It said the same thing for AppLock and I didn't have to email them.
    All the PalmGear Conf has a msg right below the one from the developer stating that they have email the developer for the code already.

    Can anyone else confirm this please.
    Did any of you have to email the developer direct?
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    Has anyone gotten PilotMicroRace to work? Neither of the 2 versions on the zip file worked for me. One said I needed to unzip the other since I'm on OS 5. the other did not render correctly on the screen. Any ideas?
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    Anybody try NoviiRemote BW? Is it worth it? Also wondering if you get the code for the BW version, how much would it cost (if any) for upgrades.
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    I tried the NoviiRemote B/W tonight. Works OK and it WOULD be quite a bargain for less than $4........... except that I'd have to stand 2 feet in front of the TV for it to work.

    Does anyone know whether the new firmware improves the output from the IR port, or is it a hardware limitation?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jlczl
    Has anyone gotten PilotMicroRace to work? Neither of the 2 versions on the zip file worked for me. One said I needed to unzip the other since I'm on OS 5. the other did not render correctly on the screen. Any ideas?
    The author says that it is not compatible.
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    I also have Noviiremote BW (not from PalmGear though) and i just recently deleted off my Treo for the same reasons mentioned above...wouldn't work unless you're one-two feet away from the TV.

    I also recently did the firmware upgrade and it didn't improve the IR a bit.

    It's a's such a cool gadget
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    The software of the day for 7/28 is: emWord Elevator

    But their link is screwed up (sure seems like they have a lot of problems with their software of the day). I've fixed the link and posted it below:
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    Thanks for the fix, Coryburton.
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    Hey did anyone get 'The English Dictionary'?
    That's a good buy IMHO.
    From $19.95 tp $9.95!

    I would have hoped THAT for free! instead of some of the junk they're putting up...
    Oh least they are putting up stuff for free...Haven't seen any of the other palm stores doing that
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