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    Thanks Ben...
    I'm hoping to get my new Treo on Tuesday and simply perform a backupman and have my baby back in shape (never realizing that it's another one).

    I read in here that PalmOne logo T600 screen was dimmer than HandSpring logo (which is what I had)..yet some members are now claiming the contrary and even saying that it's better b/c some of the bugs's been fixed.
    I had no problems with my old Treo except for the Network search issue which was fixed once I upgrade the firmware...I hope that if anything, it's better.
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    What is the "tower" test you are refering to? Just got my T600 and my home is about a half mile from a Sprint tower and sometimes I get roaming in the house and even outside on the deck (just switched to sprint for the treo). Just wondering what the tower test refers to and if it would have anything to do with my problems.

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    The tech was swamped and not able to speak with me; hence my information came from a rep who frankly is as ignorant of these things as I am. A question asked, "What did it flunk on?" and the answer, "The tower test." Another question, "What is a tower test?" and the answer, "The ability of the device to maintain contact with the nearest tower during its operation." The next question, "Does this mean when I am moving around or stationary?" The answer, "I do not know." The next question, "Can you find out for me what really was the problem." The answer, "No I can't. He is too busy." Not being an overly rude person I realized she was in the dark also. So, who knows.

    My Treo was configured for no roaming. Here in metro Honolulu, tower sites are frequent and from another sales person, loss of tower communication is normally the result of being in big buildings, elevators, tunnels, big parking garages, back in the valleys, et cetera.

    I can only say that the replacement unit is operating like the original unit did up until about a month before I got rid of it.
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    I got my phone!!!!

    "I'm so happy...oh so happy...lalalalaaa"
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoJo_78
    I got my phone!!!!

    "I'm so happy...oh so happy...lalalalaaa"
    I'm sure it won't be long before you drop it out the window of a moving car again.
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    Did anyone hear anything...I thought I heard something...guess NOT!
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