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    As the number of Palm utilities increase, it is problematic to download a whole lot of them to try out all the features in order to help decide whether to make a purchase or not. Especially since a lot of the utilities have bugs that can crash the Treos.

    I'm wondering if there's a Palm OS emulator/simulator for the PC where I can install the downloaded utility and this Palm OS emulator/simulator will mimick how it'll work on my Treo. After thoroughly testing it out on my PC, I can then make a more informative decision on purchasing the utility. Also, testing all the features on a PC would be easier and faster.

    Does anyone know of something like this?
    I know this sounds like a big think to ask but if such an application/program (note, I use the word application/program since it's not a utility. It's something much much bigger) doesn't exist, we, the palm consumers, should expect one. I think it's time.
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    go to palmsource and join up as a developer (free) and you will be able to get a simulator!
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    joele is right - there are even different versions of the simulator, depending on the firmware you have. However, be aware that there might be some programs that don't execute properly (or at all) on the simulator.
    Did you use Profeo today ?
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    What would be a good simulator that I can try out (I've a Treo 600 and my PC runs on XP Pro)? Can some of you share your experiences with this?

    Thanks, this will really help out.

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