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    I LOVE my Treo 600 but I may no longer be allowed to bring a camera to work, what can I do?
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    get another phone or get another job
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    Program called mcamlock if your work will accept it? from MotionApps

    Or stop working under a fascist regime
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    Sign up with Sprint.

    Get the cameraless version.

    Or try to sneak it past, get caught, and get canned. Your choice...
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    put a piece of electrical tape over it...worked for me
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    We have same here but seems company policy dicated that one of the phone options was a camera phone they shot themselves in the foot with both barrels. We signed a thing saying that they could come in but if anyone attempted to use them or were found with pics from the office on them then it's goodbye there and then. Best they could do and suits us.
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    How about covering the camera with a piece from eGrips? That way you can uncover it without having damaged the casing easily.
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    I was turned away from a Federal building with my treo. No camera phones allowed.

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