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    Well, I just got the Treo 600 because I am leaving my job (and my beloved Blackberry) behind but need to be reachable through my pop3 account. I have never been able to get used to the Palm O/S but hopefully someone can offer encouragement. Here are some thoughts and questions:

    1. Battery life. I am used to getting days out of the Blackberry. I charged the Treo fully last night and after making a few calls today and sending a bunch of emails it is down to about 40%. What are some tips for prolonging battery life. Keep in mind I need to pop into my account often for new mail.

    2. Best program for pop3 mail? I am using the HS mail app and it is just ok. Not great and I guess I should stop comparing it to the Blackberry which beats anything with its email application. (short of being able to view jpgs). Is snappermail worth the price? Is there any others I am missing?

    3. Screen viewing in bright sunlight. This is terrible. Any way to make this a little better?

    4. Other applications. What am I missing that could make my experience better? I basically need to use the datebook, addressbook (which is not great) and mail along with the phone.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Hi Jamie,

    Kevin from palmOne here. I wanted to try to answer your questions by pointing you to the appropriate resources within the palmOne Support Knowledge Library. To reach any of the pages below, just go to and enter the solution ID.

    Battery – There are lots of ways to maximize your Treo’s battery life. The article below has several great suggestions.
    Solution ID: 28559
    Tips: Maximize battery life (Treo 600)

    POP3 mail – The article below lists several third-party options you might try that work with the Treo 600.
    Solution ID: 26357
    How To: Get POP3 email on your smartphone

    Screen – It sometimes improves screen brightness to adjust the contrast. The following article explains how to do this.
    Solution ID: 28813
    How To: Adjust the screen contrast on a Treo smartphone

    Other applications – Check out the Tips & Tricks and Cool User Stories sections on the page below to get some ideas for new and interesting things to do with your Treo 600.
    My Treo 600 Smartphone

    Best wishes,
    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Kevin Michaels
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    Very thoughtful Kevin...thanks
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    Thanks Kevin! Awesome tips..

    One more question maybe someone could answer. One of the problems I keep having is the screen blacking out and then flickering back on often. For instance. The device will be off (using the power button with the sun and the lock on it). I will then turn it back on (and it seems to happen mostly in the snappermail application) and it turns the screen off and then back on in about 3 seconds. This is happening often.



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