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    anyone know where i can get a good harry potter ringtone?
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    Get LightWav, then you can play any MP3 as your ringtone.
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    yes but i still dont have the mp3 of harry potter, so i was wondering where i could get one...
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    Thanks Man
    what do you use it for?
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    and how do i convert it to mp3? in midi mode i can not do anyhing withit on my t600
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    If you got to that link with your treo web rowser it will download it directly into your t600 ringtones...

    Just open your t600 web browser, type in the full link just as I have it here...
    It should ask you if you would like to save the file, just say yes.

    than you should be able to choose it in you ringtones list....
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    the full link is
    I don't know why it keeps cuttin it off...
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    grrrrr wap/ midi/ movie/ harrypotter.mid

    type the link in like this, just take the spaces out after the / good luck.
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    Right click the link, copy it, then email it to yourself. I just did this and it worked perfectly, with no added software required.
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    The link doesn't seem to work...Could someone attach it to this thread...thanks a bunch.
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    This is the Mid file, just change the file extension fron .zip to .mid

    hope this works for you.
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    awesome link works great
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    You can also just log into Treo Central from your 600, open this thread and then select one of the first couple of linkgs - downloads fine - great tune

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