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    I recently discovered that, when you convert Live videos to AVI's, you create a wav file on your SD card. If you have a halfway decent familiarity with VirtualDub, you can use Live to create video with accompanying audio. You need to do the following:

    - Export the video to avi on the Treo. (high res)
    - save the jpg's and wav files to the desktop
    - use the jpg2avi to convert the jpg's to an avi file (for some reason, my desktop didn't like the Treo-created avi file)
    - Play the wav file to see how long it played for
    - calculate how much you have to slow the frame rate, so the number of frames will run as long as the wav file (number of frames/wave file [sec]). For example, a 50-frame movie with a 20 second audio clip would require a frame rate of 2.5 frames/second.
    - Use Virtual Dub to open the video, set the appropriate frame rate, attach the audio stream, and create the A/V file.

    It sound long, but actually takes only a couple of minutes. The attached link looks and sounds kind of crummy, but that's only because I converted to 3gp in order to post it for your perusal (and I'm still experimenting). Hope it helps folks who have been looking for an audio/video solution for their Treos:
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    Do you have the URL for the Live software?
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