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    Prefs > Date & Time

    I choose to disable local network time and then I can set the Date, Time and Daylight Saving no problem.

    As soon as I click on Set Time Zone, I get a thin rectangle (where the picklist for cities is supposed to be) and I cannot choose anything. If I click in the rectangle cities appear, but just Afghanistan to Bangladesh and I cannot scroll down or anything. The five-way navigation button is unresponsive.

    I am then forced to go back to the main Palm screen and start over. This is occurring on a number of Treos in my company (but not mine, thankfully).

    Sprint support was useless on this.

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    Hey JJJ

    Same problem here. There is a bug in the City-Time application as well as the Prefs->Date&Time->TimeZone function.

    It is a BUG that Handspring and now PalmOne is well aware of and they are just not bothered to fix it.

    I have friend who works for Handspring. He was on a visit back to his parents and met me. He saw the error and wrote a quick-fix on the applications which solved the problem. His dad beamed me across the revised City-time application.

    Unfortunately my Treo 600 died on me. Handspring replaced the instrument and I was stuck with the City-Time / Time Zone bug.

    I wonder if any solution has been found ?


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