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    I have a question about conduits (i guess). I just got my 600 a couple weeks ago and have been trying out several new programs lately. Initially, before getting any programs, my Treo would hotsync with the Palm Desktop and contacts, appointments, todo's, etc would be updated on the desktop when I made changes on the Treo. Then I installed Adgendus with the Windows software as well and then I installed the Time & Chaos sync software. I looked back at the original Palm Desk Top and the Agendus windows application and noticed that they are no longer being updated or synced. Just the last program Time & Chaos is being updated with contacts, todo's, etc. Is this normal or can they all be updated at the same time?

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    It's not unusual for a third-party calendar/contacts/etc. application to "take over" and replace the Palm desktop system. I don't use the apps you mention, but other similar apps I've tried do the same thing. You'll have to contact the Time & Chaos creators to ask if there's a way to change the behavior, but I can imaginge that getting good sync between more than two apps (handheld and desktop) could certainly be more complex than developers might want to handle.
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    There used to be an option in the sync conduit for Time and Chaos that was called "leave flags dirty" or something like that. It was designed for situations where you were trying to sync the datebook etc. with more than one conduit.

    It was found in the configuration tab with the old version of T&C (version 5). I've not used the newer version, so I'm not sure if that option is still present.

    Check the help notes for PalmSync.

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