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    I just got a new 270. The problem I'm having is that the headset is stacticy and when I twist the plug it will go dead, until I twist it too a new posistion. I've tried a stock Treo heaset and 2 plantronic headsets. All three work on my old 180g and my wife's Nokia. I was wondering if this is the same problem the Treo 600 users have been having and if shaving the plug would help?
    Any suggestions?
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    I have also had static problems with my headset. I thought it was just mine but I guess not.
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    I too have that problem but i have it with the bluetooth dongle/bluetrek headset.
    Suddenly after 5 ot 10 or 15 or 20 (etc.) seconds the Treo seems to forget that a headset is plugged in. The set works fine on my old Treo 180 so it is indeed a 270 problem. Turning the plug soes not work for me. The normal Treo headset works fine.

    Any solution is very very welcome, as i have a nice bluetooth set that is useless for this phone if this isn't solved.

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