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    Does anyone know how to get Treo Allegro to keep my keys lit ALL THE TIME? I'll appreciate anyone's help.
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    treo allegro never completely worked as it was supposed to and the developer stopped supporting it. you can't get the keys to stay lit all the time with it. you might want to try a different profile program, profeo does what you're looking for I think. If not, there were two other profile programs in development which I haven't been following called profiler and profiles which may have added this capability as well.
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    Now I know why Virantha never returns my emails. Man what a downer! I feel so bad for Treo Allegro. such a promising little app, abandoned to the ether. Godspeed, Allegro.
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    Okay, well I downloaded Profeo, keys still won't stay lit. This is something I REALLY want. Can anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong with Profeo, OR point me to a simple app to do this? Thanks.
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    I've tried both methods as well and neither one worked. Although Allegro did work if I opened it up then went to something else the keys stayed lit. But even after a reset the keys won't stay on.
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    i thought all you have to do is hold down the "blue" button and push P
    keys will stay lit until you do that again
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    Don't know why you thought that would work, but all it does is change your brightness setting. Man! All I want is to keep the freakin' keys lit! A $600.00 phone SHOULD DO THAT!!!
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    On my phone doing that keeps the buttons lit AND changes the brightness setting.
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    mLights does something similar, but I don't think it keeps them on ALL the time. You should check it out just to be sure.
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    I have TA installed and it works as far as I understand your problem.

    My keys stay lit after 7pm as long as the phone is on, in use or plugged into the charger.

    I went to TA and checked keys lit and entered 7:00pm and no problems.

    My only issue with this program was that it never did this by itself at 7. I had t
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    Thanks for everyone's help. I appreciate everyone posting, but mLights seems to be the solution I was looking for. I'm gonna keep TA because I like the led control, but Profeo is already gone. Again, thank you all for the help. That's why I love this forum!
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