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    Hi all, just got a treo 600 a couple days ago and I was curious if anyone knew away to delete the default Get BC, Tutorial and welcome icons/files off my treo. I'm sure this has been addressed but I can't find the info anywhere .

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hi and welcome to the forum. If you want to "hide" some of those icons, I have attached a link to SilverScreen for you to try. It is a launcher that will allow you to hide icons. I haved used Silver for years with no problems and it works well with the Treo. You can use it in trial for about 19-20 days to see if you like it.


    There are many launchers that can do what you want in one way or another. It's just a matter of preference. You can find them at or links to them on this site.

    If you want to download Silver and hide those icons, follow this:

    1. Set your "Tools" to be at the bottom of your screen.

    2. Use your stylus and drag the icon to the left icon (Device Info) on your tray. Your tools may pop up and you should see four icons with two smaller ones on the immediate left and right of the four.

    3. You will see the info about the app and just check the HIDDEN box and that's it!

    4. Should you want to resurrect an icon, just press menu (with Silver running) then, click SIlver Prefs then check the box, "Display Hidden Icons." You may have to hide a few other icons in the process that are unlaunchable apps.

    Should you want to purchase Silver, Palm Gear has a special right now for $19.xx. Give it a try.

    Good Luck,
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    If you simply want to hide the icons and don't want a launcher, you can also try an app called Invisible. Search Palmgear for it.

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