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    Another app of this type you guys might want to check out is Vagablog.

    I've been using it since last December with good results on my Treo 600 and blog.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SoCalVisor
    Another app of this type you guys might want to check out is Vagablog.

    I've been using it since last December with good results on my Treo 600 and blog.
    I don't see where it talks about uploading pictures - where is that described? Does it work well?
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    Here is more detail of the error I'm seeing when attempting to upload images via FTP:

    On the retry it fails with this error:
    FTP proc: ftp_connect::login

    I have double checked username, password and server settings, but still can't get in.

    FYI, I was previously seeing intermittent timeout errors, but increased the network timeout setting under "preferences" from 5 to 30 seconds and it went away.
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    FTP proc: ftp_connect::login
    I get the same ftp error when attempting to upload pictures. Has anyone ever uploaded a picture successfully using hblogger for ftp?
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    I thought I'd repost an exchange from hblogger's live journal forum. Looks like there was is a problem with the ftp login that is being resolved. Wonder if they can fix it at the server or if we will need to update software, but I'm crossing my fingers!

    From ptmatthews
    Hi there,

    I'm also having trouble posting an image from my Zire 71.

    Message is:
    FTP proc: ftp_connect::login

    I have double checked the login, which works OK from CuteFTP. Anything else you can suggest? Do I definitely need the ftp:// prefix?

    Like the app otherwise, image uploading would make it a killer!
    From cryptoalex
    Thanks for message. We've found the problem, it'll be resolved.
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    Today we released beta version of HBlogger 2.0b2.

    This version will expire 08/04/2004.

    Here is what has beed done since first beta:

    * Reorganized image upload preferences dialogue. Easier to understand labels, more detailed fields annotations.
    * Simplified image upload dialogue
    * User can now specify optional image size attributes in the image upload dialogue.
    * Separate menu items for inclusion of links to external and local images
    * Non-ASCII text now could be used in "mood" and "music" fields (for LiveJournal accounts only)
    * Improved compatibility with variety of FTP servers.
    * Occasional crashes on weblog refresh and account edit dialogue have veen fixed
    * We do not use UTF-8 for and MovableType. Both these services do not currenlty correctly support UTF-8. Passing raw posting text allows at least to use accented French and some other national characters
    * Better error reporting for network operations failures
    * Other various minor fixes and improvements

    We would like to thank all beta testers for feedback which tremendously helped us to improve HBlogger in many ways. New beta version which we are releasing today is greatly improved thanks to it. It features many bug fixes and implements some of your feature suggestions. Many other suggestions was put down into our TODO list for future releases.
    Please do not hesitate to write us and ask for features you would like to see in HBlogger - we are listening!
    Please help us to test new beta release which we hope will be last one before inevitable 2.0 release. We would like to remind you that we have allocated 10 free HBlogger licenses to most active beta testers.

    Quote Originally Posted by krokodil
    We just released beta version of HBlogger.

    It allows to snap picture with your Treo 600 camera and send it to your blog right from your Treo.

    This beta have some Treo-specific features, like 5-way navigation and image selection from Treo camera database, so we will appreciate a feedback from Treo users.

    The best place to post your comments and questions is at HBlogger LiveJournal forum or simply emailing us.

    To make it interesting, we will give away 3 hblogger licenses to most active beta testers at the end of beta testing period (could be substituted with license for any other Hexlet LLC product with same or lower price).
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    I'm glad to see another beta update. This is a promising piece of software. However, I'm still having issues getting ftp image upload to work.

    I consistently get the following:
    FTP proc:

    This isn't a very helpful message, so I'm not sure what the issue is. I've doublechecked my settings and everything looks ok.

    I'm hoping the HBlogger folks keep an eye on this board and can offer some assistance.
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    Same problem here... but my FTP client connects fine. It will be great when it works...
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    A quick update. I reported this FTP issue to and they replied with this:

    > Thanks for report. We've already figured out the problem.
    > Next beta (or release version) will not have this bug.
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